our vision
New City exists to celebrate Jesus, be the presence of Jesus, live the mission of Jesus together in the city of Newcastle. From our inception we’ve been endeavouring to be a church that doesn’t take itself too seriously but takes the claims and work of Jesus seriously

Nic Cassar (Pastor / Team-Leader)

Nic discovered faith in Jesus during his early 20s and lived most of his life in Sydney before moving to Newcastle and being ordained and accredited as a minister in the Baptist Church in 2017.

Nic has a Bachelor Degrees in Music and Theology as well as a Masters in Teaching from the University of Western Sydney. Being the nerdy type, he is currently completing a Masters in Missional Leadership from Morling College.

His previous roles include serving as young adults and music pastor at Dural Baptist Church for a number of years; teacher at Pacific Hills Christian School, Scripture Union worker and coach/lecturer for Morling College’s Plunge Program. Nic has also worked as a musician, court officer, fashion sales rep and pool boy.

He is married to Jo and they have two kids, Eden and Oscar. Nic loves hanging with family, most water sports, has an eclectic taste in music and is a tragic Australian football (soccer) supporter.

Mitch Forbes (Pastor)

Mitch is a proud Newcastle native and has been Newcastle’s unofficial tourism promoter for most of his life.

As addicted to study as he is to coffee, he has a Bachelor Degree in Ministry, a Graduate Diploma in Theology and is mid-way through a Masters of Theology at Morling college.

Mitch’s previous roles include youth pastor at Islington Baptist Church, Newcastle and teaching and young adults pastor at Thornleigh Community Baptist Church in Sydney. He was ordained and accredited as a Baptist minister in 2016.

Mitch is a passionate preacher and communicator and is regularly invited to speak at churches, camps and conferences around NSW.

He is married to Kristen and they have three children; Harper, Lara and Leo. Mitch also loves cooking fine food, reading, and is a podcast enthusiast.

Joe Oubridge (Intern)

Joe was born in the Philippines, but came to Australia when he was three. He has been living in Newcastle ever since.

He is undertaking a student internship at New City Baptist while studying ministry chiefessays.net through Morling college in Sydney.

Joe is passionate about the city of Newcastle and believes strongly in the concept of community. His hobbies revolve around music and sport —mainly watching! His involvement in various music ministries over the years has made him a strong believer in the power of music to inspire generations and play a key role in bringing people together.

our values
The kind of church we love to be a part of isn’t so much about the model or type, but the values and ethos. Below are the things we love and value as a church. The following values are often talked about at New City but more importantly they inform everything we do and say as a church.


CHURCH AS A  family


We love that church is family. In our church communities we can call each other brother and sister. We can love like a family, fight like a family, reconcile like a family and serve like a family. We love that in church we are bound together in a relationship that runs deeper than political allegiance, race, culture, social status, sexual orientation or interest group. We love that we can help each other move house, pick each other up from the airport, mind each others kids, cook each other meals, encourage each other, rebuke each other, challenge each other, serve alongside each other and love each other.
Rom 12:10-13  //  Heb 13:1-3  //  1 Cor 12:12-26




Some people worship the bible like its Jesus. The bible is not Jesus! But when we read the bible, when we speak from the bible, God speaks to us. It’s provocative, inspiring, challenging, confusing, frustrating, insightful, timeless, nuanced and unbelievably beautiful. We want everyone in our community to understand it better, read it more and hear God speaking powerfully to them. We believe that Newcastle will be a much better place if people begin to develop a love and respect for the scriptures.
2 Tim 3:16-17  //  Ps 1:2-3  //  Heb 4:12-13.




In the November edition of Vanity Fair an article reads ‘Steve Jobs gave us the latest technology but also made it beautiful.’ People are drawn to beauty. We love beauty. Beautiful music, beautiful spaces, beautiful food, beautiful art, beautiful speeches, & beautiful design are all things that should be located in our church communities. Just to be clear we are not talking about our cultures definition of beauty nor the kind of beauty you see in the magazines, we are talking about genuine beauty. Natural, rough, imperfect, honest, gorgeous BEAUTY!
Gen 1:1-2;27-28  //  Ps 19:1-6  //  Exod 31:1-11.


LIVING AN  apprenticeship


Our faith is not only a belief system but a way of life. We are always growing and learning as we follow the way of Jesus as his apprentices. This way is costly, long and not always easy, but gives a fullness of life and meaning that is bigger than our circumstances and ourselves. This causes us to lead and train others as Jesus apprentices. This also involves empowering others with responsibility and opportunities to lead, as well as resourcing and equipping others in their unique calling and gifting.
Matt 28:18-20  //  Luke 9:23-25  //  John 1:35-39  //  Luke 10:1-17.




The Good News of Jesus is not only ‘how to get to heaven when you die!’ it is so much deeper, richer and more beautiful than that. The good news of Jesus is that the king has come and his kingdom has broken into this world. The good news of Jesus is that He has dealt with our sin so we can become the men and women we were created to be in God’s grace.  Our church values a holistic gospel that cannot be compartmentalized to church attendance and personal spirituality. A gospel that impacts the way we live, where we work, how we work, how we parent, where we live, what we buy, what we watch, what we listen to etc. The message of King Jesus is good news for everyone and because we believe we share this news with everyone. 1 Cor 1:18-24  //  Luke 4:18  //  Mark 10:45.


Pursuing  GOD


We pursue God and actively leave room and space for His spirit to speak to us as a community and as individuals. Prayer, rest, praise, solitude and silence are just some practices that help us listen, respond and experience God in an environment marked by busyness and being non-present. God also pursues us and eagerly desires to be intimate with us (and often in spite of us). His Spirit empowers us to give glory to Jesus and unfold His kingdom in both mysterious and ordinary ways.  Matt 7:7  //  Habb 2:1-3  //  John 4:23  //  1 The 5:16-18.




We have a sense of calling to seek, serve and redeem the places of Newcastle, particularly the CBD. God cares and has intentions for the places we inhabit and can work through us, redeeming all things. This involves cultural renewal, caring for the environment, as well as seeking justice, mercy and reconciliation for Newcastle and its people. God also resources and connects us with other people and places around the world, partnering in kingdom work.
Jer 29:4-7  //  Micah 6:8  //  Rev 21:1-5.

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